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Performance Improvement

JTS is a performance improvement (PI) organization which employs a systematic approach to determine the acute and long-term outcomes of all casualties, the quality of care, improvements in prevention and treatment and logistical implications. The JTS supports U.S. military PI initiatives by identifying, tracking and making recommendations on PI measures to ensure the appropriate evaluation and treatment of injured Service members across the continuum of care and improve patient transition between phases of care.

The JTS PI Branch coordinates all PI activities across the spectrum of DoD trauma care and resolves trauma system patient care issues. JTS PI work relies on data collected in the DoD Trauma Registry. The data enables JTS to conduct gap analyses for medical capabilities to direct ongoing and future combat casualty care research, trauma skills training, and direct combat casualty care.

JTS PI Pillars
  1. Rapid and robust PI actions
  2. Data analysis based on casualty documentation
  3. Weekly/Biweekly Combat Casualty Conferences
  4. Patient case reviews for process improvement
  1. Performance improvement and patient safety
  2. Trauma system development and performance
  3. Defense Committees on Trauma for Tactical, En Route and Surgical Care
  1. Tactical and combat casualty care CPGs
  2. PI Expeditionary Support Program to train, evaluate, consult, and guide the deployed.
  3. Data analysis reports
  1. Build collaborative partnerships
  2. Decrease variability and increase standardization
  3. Recommend policy, standards of practice, and operational plans
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Last Modified Date: 10/07/2022