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About JTS

DoD Center of Excellence for Trauma

The Joint Trauma System is dedicated to the reduction of morbidity and mortality, and to improved survivability for all trauma patients in wartime and peacetime. The organization employs an organized approach to provide improved trauma care across the continuum of care to trauma patients – battle injury and non-battle injury. The JTS addresses all the components identified with optimal care of a patient from prevention through acute care, rehabilitation and return-to-duty.

The JTS works proactively with Combatant Command (COCOM) surgeons as they develop contingency plans for a trauma system that supports unique COCOM mission requirements.

The JTS is a performance improvement organization which utilizes a systematic approach to determine the acute and long-term outcomes of all casualties, the quality of care, improvements in prevention and treatment and the logistical implications. The JTS has an entire branch dedicated to continuous performance improvement (PI), education and training, and communication. Successful PI efforts generate world-wide participation and partnerships.

The JTS is the only Department of Defense organization positioned and capable of collecting trauma data nearly immediately at an area of conflict and across the continuum of care. Its ability to rapidly train trauma coordinators means that data are collected more accurately and expeditiously.

The Department of Defense Trauma Registry (DoDTR), a web-based data collection tool, is the vehicle to fulfill the JTS mission. The DoDTR is the data repository for DoD trauma-related injuries and contains identified information taken from the medical record, expert clinical inference, scoring and coding schematics, probability determination and performance improvement data. The registry also generates actionable medical information leading to advancements in trauma care and improving medical readiness of the deployed. There is no comparable registry with such a comprehensive collection of DoD trauma injury data. An adjunct to the DoDTR is the Store-and-Forward version that is rapidly deployed into austere environments with little to no internet connectivity.

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Last Modified Date: 03/05/2019