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Key JTS Leaders First to Receive Special Operations Medical Hall of Honor Recognition

SOCOM Medical Hall of Fame Honor: "We stand on the shoulders of giants!"

JTS leaders were among the nine medical leaders U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) recognized as part of the inaugural class of the Special Operations Forces Medical Hall of Honor at this year's Special Operations Medical Association's Scientific Assembly. This prestigious award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated exemplary medical leadership and selfless service and provided significant medical contributions through sustained superior medical support to the Special Operations Force (SOF) community.

The inaugural class inducted into the SOCOM-sponsored SOF Medical Hall of Honor this May is an incredible group of innovators, thinkers, and men of action. They served in nearly every conflict over the last eight decades, including WW2, Vietnam, Eagle Claw, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, winning multiple awards for valor along the way. Members of this group repeatedly accompanied SOF Warfighters into battle, proving top of the line combat casualty care when there were wounded. Along the way, they developed countless innovations that saved lives, everything from the Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines (TCCC), the Committee of TCCC, the Army Ranger Casualty Response System which produced zero preventable deaths, the Army Critical Care Flight Paramedic program, and tourniquet development, among many others.

These military medical professionals helped build and grow the Joint Trauma System and its mission to improve trauma care of and recovery of Wounded Warriors.

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CAPT (ret) Frank K. Butler,
U.S. Navy, Founder of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines and first director of the JTS Prehospital Care Branch.

MSG (ret) Harold R. Montgomery,
U.S. Army, Joint Program Manager TCCC - Vice Chair, Committee of TCCC

COL (ret) Russ S. Kotwal,
U.S. Army, JTS clinical practice contributor and subject matter expert (SME)

COL (ret) Robert L. Mabry,
U.S. Army, JTS SME/Consultant


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Last Modified Date: 05/29/2024